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14 December 2023

TAX FORUM 2024: Looking at the biggest tax revolution since 2009

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On Wednesday 29 November 2023, the TAX FORUM 2024 conference was held with tax experts, professionals and lawyers. Next year, thanks to the government's tax consolidation package, there are going to be a lot of changes affecting employees and employers. "We are looking at the biggest tax revolution since 2009. What lies ahead in 2024 is so significant that we have added a number of experts to this year's event," said one of the event organisers, Ing. Jan Kotala from EKP Advisory.

The opening speech was given by the Director General of the Financial Administration, Ing. Simona Hornochová. She stressed the need to connect to modern technologies that will facilitate the adoption of all changes. "In parallel with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, we are progressing in building a single monthly employer reporting, so everything will be in one place. Institutions will take all the information there and employment tax should be the first module," Hornochová added.

The topic of taxation on dependent activity was discussed in detail by Ing. Hanuš Kytler from FS CR, who dealt with, among other things, the moment of the taxable income for benefit cards. "In the case of benefit cards, where points are credited and the employer has control over their use, taxable income arises only when the points are used," said Kytler. The General Financial Directorate is preparing a methodological note on the taxation of employee benefits. The communication should be published by the end of the year.

The conference was held both live and online and there was a great deal of interest in the topics among the participants. A very well observed output was especially Mgr. František Boháček, the Central Director of ČSSZ. The director faced numerous questions from the audience, the audience was mainly interested in the solution of the DPP and the payment of insurance premiums. "We will inform the employers. We will have a complete record of agreements on work performance," said Boháček.

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