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1 June 2017

Salvation Army - SOS car

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Armada spasy.jpg

Salvation Army decided to provide a specially adjusted car for the field-work with homeless people.

It is very common to meet people in very bad health conditions at the field-work. That is why the Slavation Army provides them the basic medical help, not only food, sanitary utilities and clothes. The health conditions of the most of these people demand medical help right on the spot, the clients are not often able to arrive to a medical centre. Especially in the winter period there are more cases that need medical care, mostly with perniosis, but also with ambustion.

This special car will help the field workers of the Salvation Army to bring the help right to the spot (clothes, warm food, sanitary utilities). This car will also serve as a mobile ambulance and office and it can serve as transportation for clients if needed. Thus the help of the Salvation Army workers will be more efficient and of a better quality. This will also help to reduce the impact of homelessness to the society and it will prevent a deeper social fall of people without shelter.

If you would like to participate as a partner in providing this car, please contact Mrs Lucie Maroušková, tel. 734 851 699.

More information on the project is to be found HERE

Armáda spásy
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