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30 September 2014

RESHARE gives a new life to old clothes and people in need

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Recently the Salvation Army has started a brand new social project called ReShare, whose main purpose is to collect old clothes in collection bins (containers for clothes), sort it and distribute it through the Salvation Army centres to people who are in an urgent need. This social project was established by Salvation Army in Netherlands and has a long tradition there. The remaining clothes will be sold to the public and the profit used to support other Salvation Army activities. ReShare does not only bring clothes to the disadvantaged but also, which is important, creates new work opportunities for them and helps them to integrate into the society and to find dignified life again. This project also helps to improve the environment. The main motto of this project is: Give a new life to old clothes and homeless people.

ReShare project has started in the town Ostrava, now The Salvation Army currently runs collection bins also in Prague and other cities in total amount of 46. From July 2014, ReShare employes already 15 people. ReShare has a great potential in supporting the social activities of the Salvation Army. We would like to place 50 more collection bins on the streets across the country before the end of year 2014.

Also you can support this unique project to develop. Your contribution let us purchase more collection bins and help this way more people in need to find their way back to society again. Isn´t it worth it? One collection bin costs 14.500 CZK. We kindly ask for your contribution.

The Salvation Army has been helping people in social difficulties for over 150 years, worldwide. Working in 11 larger towns across the Czech Republic, it offers support to the homeless people, single mothers, elderly and friendless and others in need. Passionately believing that no one is beyond hope, the Salvation Army keeps extending its activities.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and selfless attitude to others.


For more information about ReShare project and ways to support please contact

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