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1 March 2013

Rely on speed and efficiency with Business Lease and AGC

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Business Lease

All drivers must sometimes deal with inconveniences when it comes to their vehicles, and a damaged windshield is no exception. Your driving comfort may be disturbed, and you might have to worry about overall safety and the contents of your wallet when you meet with the police. Fortunately, there are services available that can help you get out of such difficult situations.

The Business Lease leasing company, in cooperation with Automotive Replacement Glass Czech (hereinafter AGC) focuses on resolving similar situations. The client-based approach of Business Lease offers a flexible repair system and is ready to help to ensure your maximum comfort, quality, and time and financial efficiency.

When the moment arrives that you have to deal with damaged glass, there’s only one thing you need to do; report the event the classical way to Business Lease, or better yet, call the toll-free AGC number at 800 900 860. The operator will help you find the fastest and most considerate solution to your needs. A team of experts, which is also available seven days a week and outside of normal business hours, will ensure the repair of your damaged glass within 24 hours after it has been reported.

AGC service technicians are trained in all types of vehicles, and their portfolios also include extra options for the type of repair while you wait, or at your location. In order for the company to save you time and ensure your convenience, all you need to do is hand over the vehicle to the technicians and then pick it up once it has been repaired. You do not need to be present during the repair, and thus the price of the service also includes the transport of the vehicle to the repair shop and back to a location of your choice, as well as your transportation after dropping off the vehicle and back to pick it up. Total repair time will not exceed three hours.

The AGC mobile service also provides convenient solutions. The assistance vehicles are fully equipped for external repairs – all you need to do is call and arrange the time and place of repair. This service has available the same amenities as a regular business – there will be no need to access a power source, and bad weather is also no obstacle. Your vehicle does not have to be in a covered parking lot or garage – our trained technicians can handle any situation and can provide a temporary roof for the vehicle. The mobile team will also help you take care of all the paperwork associated with the potential reporting of an insurance claim to an insurance company, and subsequent steps.

As part of improving its services, AGC tries to come up with innovations that not only save our client’s time, but also money. Thus their portfolio of services also offers the possibility of sealing cracks in glass. Thanks to this feature, clients can avoid the costs of replacing the glass. Technicians will repair the damaged glass using a special resin, and the resulting effect is full and repaired glass that is fully eligible for operation. This procedure is carried out at your location and takes about an hour.

This repair will cost you only 1,500 CZK, not including VAT, and you will receive a one-year warranty and attest card that confirms the quality of the repaired glass for any STK or police checks. The technician will evaluate whether this is the most suitable repair method. If the repair is carried out and it turns out that the glass will have to be replaced after all, the price of the sealing will be deducted from your invoice for the glass replacement. In addition, Business Lease clients are given priority handling, and the entire matter is usually resolved within 24 hours of being reported.

For your utmost satisfaction, glass services also include bonus services – we will clean all of your glass and vacuum the interior of your vehicle and clean the dashboard and plastic parts of the interior. We will also check your operating fluids and measure your antifreeze in the radiator and washer fluid. We will of course also subsequently wash your vehicle, or give a voucher for washing.

AGC Autoskla, full name AGC Automotive Replacement Glass Czech, is a subsidiary of AGC Automotive Czech, one of the leading manufacturers of automotive glass. AGC Autoskla focuses on the installation and repair of windshields for end customers throughout the Czech Republic, comprehensive resolution of insurance claims and distribution of windshields and accessories on the spare parts market.

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