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18 November 2020

Recruitment Academy offers online education for HR professionals during lockdown

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Before Covid, Recruitment Academy , who specialize in education and certification in the field of recruitment, organized 90% of their trainings face-to-face. In spring 2020, when the lockdown came into effect, José Kadlec, the founder and CEO, has utilized his IT engineering skills and years of experience with social recruitment and talent sourcing and started actively recording all his courses online. Other lectors have joined him resulting in a package of 15 online courses called the RA Full Pass that allowed HR professionals from across the country to participate from the comfort of their own homes.

The Full Pass features courses with 8 renowned professionals and thought leaders including the aforementioned José Kadlec, global strategist Jan Mühlfeit and psychologist Jan J. Ženatý for a fraction of the usual price of a full-day training. Thanks to the variety of lectors, participants gain access to content focused clearly on recruitment and talent sourcing but also other areas such as employer and personal branding, LinkedIn and self-development.

The 2-hour courses were recorded live in Recruitment Academy’s, at that time unused, training spaces using the latest technology with some custom elements. Now the courses in the Full Pass are available as recordings giving the advantage of unlimited access and watching based on your individual preferences. The recordings can also be purchased separately if you only have interest in a certain topic.

The Full Pass is recommended for all HR professionals, recruiters, sourcers and hiring managers, both beginners and long-time practitioners who can use it as a way to refresh their knowledge and add some new techniques to their current practice. The Full Pass is an opportunity to continue self-education even during the times of lockdown and slowed-down economy. All courses in the Full Pass are delivered in Czech, while the Recruitment Academy has many hours of relevant content in English as well.

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