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27 April 2018

Randstad Inhouse Services

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Randstad Inhouse Services (RIS) is a unique solution for managing a highly efficient workforce with specific skill sets for which there is a fluctuating level of demand. More than 1,700 clients around the world are supported by Randstad inhouse teams in reducing their total cost of employment (TCE) by recruiting and selecting the right skilled persons in the right time at the right workstation. We anticipate pro-actively on organizational fluctuations.

By providing flexible work solutions designed exclusively for each client, we help our clients improve labor flexibility, efficiency and productivity, as well as achieve cost savings, increased employee retention, and stronger employee engagement. Segments served in this way include fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive, life sciences, contact centers, manufacturing and logistics, as well as the administrative and professionals segments. We also offer permanent placements at our inhouse locations.

A dedicated account team creates lean staffing solutions thereby reducing waste in HR processes. Together with our clients, we create the ideal talent pool made up of flexible and permanent staff and in doing so we continuously improve productivity and realize cost savings; we determine specific performance criteria, and provide total HR management, including recruitment & selection, onboarding, performance management & training, planning, retention and management reporting. Randstad has developed this unique service after years of experience in providing high numbers of flexible staff to clients in specific industries, and it's a key component of what sets us apart from other companies.

In an increasingly competitive and unpredictable economy, controlling labor cost is more important and more challenging than ever. Companies are under extreme pressure to adapt to changes in the market and unexpected demand fluctuations – without adversely affecting service levels or compromising the value of their brand. Operational excellence is the goal of every company – seeking ways to work more efficiently, expedite time to market, optimize costs, and reduce risk exposure – and a clear path to achieving the competitive advantage. Through Randstad Inhouse Services, our on-site management solutions deliver excellence in operational performance, providing both the transparency and optimization needed to make our clients’ businesses better.

RIS meets organizations’ structural needs for high-volume, skilled flexible labor. We provide a complete HR process from recruitment and selection, introduction, planning and management of workers through to the provision of detailed management reports.

Excellence in operational performance is the priority of RIS. With efficient technology systems and the expertise of our workforce consultants, we provide both the transparency and optimization needed to make your business better. With this service we cater specifically to clients with high volume staffing needs in logistics, manufacturing, warehouse and contact center environments.

Our on-site recruitment models are designed to explicitly meet the differing requirements of three core elements of service delivery, each of which require separate skill sets and levels of expertise. We have defined these three core elements as:

  1. Process improvement and innovation to drive best practice and cost savings across our service and identify opportunities for efficiencies and savings throughout the contract
  2. Workforce management to provide a comprehensive service that manages temporary/permanent workers in order to maximise retention and minimise hiring manager intervention
  3. Vacancy fulfilment through a rich blend of supply channels that provide full capability and capacity across each skillset/job category

We deploy subject matter experts for each of these three core areas, who offer a wealth of expertise and experience to guide service delivery and development within their own field. We also draw this team together under a corporate governance model that combines relationship management, worker relationship management and delivery management.

Miloš Klapal, Commercial Manager

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