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27 January 2015

Petr Drahoš and Tereza Köppelová from Mazars awarded as “Tax Advisors of the Year”

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Mazars scored big in the fifth annual “Tax Advisor of the Year” awards. Its tax advisors Petr Drahoš and Tereza Köppelová were victorious in their categories and both were also chosen for the “Dream Tax Office”. Petr Drahoš won in the “Brightest Tax Star – Value Added Tax” category, while Tereza Köppelová, who specialises in the area of personal taxation, was one of the three winners of the “Brightest Rising Tax Star” category (for tax experts up to 34 years of age).

The prestigious competition of tax specialists in the state and commercial spheres, organised by DaněMEDIA s.r.o., has a total of eight categories: Most Desirable Tax Employer, Most Helpful Revenue Authority, Best Tax Teachers, Brightest Tax Stars in the individual specialisations, Brightest Rising Tax Stars, Dream Tax Office, Tax Personality of the Year and Tax Lemon. The winners are chosen through voting over the Internet by the lay and professional public, who sent in 4000 votes for 80 nominated tax experts.

“I am pleased that our tax advisors managed to succeed in such heavy competition among the top tax professionals throughout the country. Their success is proof of the many long years of hard work, which not only our clients are able to recognise, but the lay and professional public as well,” stated the Leading Partner of Mazars’ Tax Department, Pavel Klein.

Petr Drahoš is the Manager of Mazars’ Tax Consultation Department. He has more than 9 years of experience in the area of tax consultation and he is a certified tax advisor at the Chamber of Tax Advisors in the Czech Republic. Petr specialises primarily in consultation in the area of VAT. He has extensive knowledge in international taxation, exempt insurance and financial transactions and the application of VAT on the territory of other member states of the European Union. Petr Drahoš is a graduate of the VŠE in Prague and he speaks Czech and English.

Tereza Köppelová works in Mazars in the position of Tax Senior. During her six years of experience in the field of tax consultation she has specialised in personal income tax. Tereza Köppelová is a registered tax advisor at the Chamber of Tax Advisors in the Czech Republic, where she is a member of the expert group on personal income tax. She actively publishes with an orientation on the theme of personal tax. She is a graduate of the VŠE in Prague and she speaks Czech and English.

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