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19 June 2014

Performed by G4S Technology Is Attractive

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G4S Lenka Nováková
Meeting the Sales Director at G4S, Lenka Nováková, over a cup of coffee, was not an easy task with regard to her working rhythm. In the end we have managed it.
Lenka, what comes into your mind when you hear the word technology?
Definitely our technology division, our, I mean G4S :), a wonderful team of people which can do anything - propose a solution, process a project, supply installation.
So what is at the beginning?
At the beginning and at the end there is always a customer. G4S is the number one provider of security solutions. Our success lies precisely in the complexity, the range of services.
What does such creation look like?
First of all, it is the task of the G4S technical team to obtain from the customer as much specific information, requirements and wishes as possible - information on what the client expects from the technology, what the purpose and target of the project is supposed to be.
Then our technicians prepare a proposal of the solution together with specific technologies. Based on the proposal and after the final approval by the client, my colleagues prepare project implementation documents, and then the most beautiful part of the project comes, which is the implementation itself, namely the installation of technology, e.g. CCTV, security and fire systems, turnstiles, detection frames. And of course, an integral part of the project is to connect the client to our Monitoring Center, in other words to the Central Security Desk. Here the client is under our protection 24/7, 365 days a year.
And is that it for you as G4S ...
No... on the contrary – G4S provides warranty and post-warranty service and, of course, regular inspections, check-ups and overhauls.
Lenka, could you please tell us, who the clients of G4S using the technologies mentioned are?
In the area of technologies, our main clients are namely banks, retails, shopping centers and industrial complexes. We provide security services to for example Komerční banka, Air bank, shops and also O2 Aréna.
Are there still any clients left who you could offer the technologies to?
But of course! G4S Technology is really flexible. It can respond to the needs of all clients and it is ready for new clients and their wishes. We focus both on the care for our existing clients as well as reaching to new clients and we are very successful - knock on wood..
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