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16 June 2022

Have you heard of Ošetřenka, "Treatment Voucher" by the Salvation Army ?

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We are pleased to inform you about the new campaign of the Salvation Army in the Czech Republic called Ošetřenka, Treatment Voucher. It is a "baby sister" of our campaign Nocleženka, Night Voucher, which members of the NCCC Traders by Nature are already familiar with.

Ošetřenka is a voucher worth 250 CZK, thanks to which we are able to provide a person without a shelter with treatment at a Salvation Army Doctor's Office. Join us in helping to provide much-needed medical care to people without shelter and others in need.

What can be provided for the people without shelter thanks to a Treatment Voucher?

Thanks to one Treatment Voucher a patient can be provided with:

  • Examination and medical assessment (health card, discharge to a home for the elderly and other services).
  • Wound care - acute or chronic, of varying extent
  • Examination and treatment of an uninsured patient with acute common complaints (cold, sore throat, inflammation in the eye, ear, etc.)
  • Reimbursement of additional payment for medicines
  • Basic gynaecological counselling, pregnancy test
  • Screening for sexually transmitted diseases with a rapid test

For the value of two Treatment Vouchers a patient can be provided with:

  • Preventive check-up
  • Laboratory examination
  • Pre-surgical examination

The value of 5 to 10 Treatment Vouchers includes:

  • Treatment of a hygienically neglected patient infected with parasites (hygiene assistance, parasite removal, shaving, haircut, antibiotics, education)
  • Examination and treatment of an uninsured patient with serious health problems (suspected cancer, diabetes, etc.)

Our Doctor’s Offices are primarily designed to provide accessibility and create healthcare options for people without shelter. The emphasis is on providing outpatient health care that is tailored to the specific physical and mental health needs of people without shelter.

What Ošetřenka means for Mr. M., a patient from the Salvation Army Office?

Mr. M., who lives in a garden house, was visited by our outreach workers. During the interview with him, it became apparent that he had issues in his back area. On closer inspection, it was found to be an abscess and Mr M. was referred to the surgical outpatient clinic. It was found to be a tumour of the sacrum and coccyx. Mr M. was immediately booked in for hospitalisation and removal of the tumorous mass. He underwent radiation treatment and was discharged to home care upon completion. During this period, a doctor and nurse commuted to the client's home. Thanks to the cooperation of the Doctor's Office and the outreach workers, he received regular deliveries of food from the food collection, assistance with laundry, blood tests, bandages, etc. His condition was stable until one of the next visits by the doctor and nurse, when thrombophlebitis (inflammatory vein disease) was discovered in both legs. Mr. M. was immediately sent to the hospital by ambulance. After hospitalization, the client was again admitted for home treatment, which was provided by our outpatient clinic. At his last check-up, which he came to our Doctor’s Office on his own, we were very pleasantly surprised at how nicely he had gained weight and how well he looked. He said himself that he had an appetite and that it was not only due to the prescribed Nutridrinks. Mr. M. still has a long way to go, but he is out of the worst and we believe that everything will turn out well.

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