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2 September 2015

Newly reconstructed Albert store at Můstek

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One of the Most Challenging Store Reconstructions Right Beneath the Historical Center of Prague


Albert recently completed one of the most demanding reconstructions since the time the retail chain entered the Czech market. In just 17 days, Albert remodeled its store in a busy Prague subway underpass Můstek in modern “ONE concept”. With fresh and good quality products, mostly supplied by regional producers, it provides cutting edge comfort and pro-customer approach to its visitors.


Since the store is located in the underground passageway right beneath the historical center, Albert team had to make sure that the operation of the subway or the underpass was not disrupted, even temporarily, during the remodeling. They needed to make the construction planning just right to meet all the requirements, which put very high demands on the coordination of the movement of people and materials.


A brand new interior of the store is designed according to Albert’s modern supermarket concept and follows the latest store design trends. New colors, suitable lighting, cost effective cooling equipment and an open store entrance allowing customers to commence their shopping in the department of fruit and vegetables that looks like a real marketplace.


The store provides free Wi-Fi access, a couple of express checkout tills, wheel trolley baskets, and a newly introduced greeter service to increase convenience for its customer. The greeter helps customers with their purchases, store navigation, but also monitors the length of queues at the cash counters and informs the store manager, if more counters need to be open.

When you are at Můstek metro station, don’t forget to stop by and do some shopping.

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