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25 June 2014

LeasePlan supports the voyage towards a dream of Jaroslav Petrouš

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Jaroslav Petrous
The Voyage towards a dream is a name of a civil association supported by LeasePlan. The association organized a charity event on May 31, and its main hero was the Paralympic Jaroslav Petrouš. A man with amputated legs now helps disabled children among others in such a way that he climbs the highest point of the Czech Republic each year. The event is connected with a charity collection.
Mr. Petrouš first climbed the Sněžka mountain, the Czech Republic’s highest point, last year, when, in terrible weather conditions, he managed to reach the top in 2 hours and 12 minutes. This year the weather was far more reasonable, so he could even improve on his achievement to 1 hour and 59 minutes. More importantly, the result of the charity collection organized during the day was over CZK 320.000, and the event continued throughout the month of June, so the final result will be even better.
The idea of this project is to help an individual child with amputation achieve a better life and reach his or her dream of being able to function normally with his or her friends. Last year, just one year after his own amputation, Mr. Petrouš climbed the Sněžka mountain for a three-year old girl Simona. This year he did the same for a twelve-year old boy Petr. Both lost their leg due to cancer. The result of the charity event will be used for the course of walking without clutches in a rehabilitation facility, as well as for purchase of rehabilitation and sports equipment. The amount exceeding CZK 150.000 will be used for other children with disabilities.
Mr. Petrouš says that amputation has changed his life for better. “Some people with this disability want to prove something, prove that they’re fine. They swim over a lake, run a marathon. My friend and I thought – why not climb some hill. And if climb a hill, why not climb the highest hill we have, the Sněžka mountain. At the same time we wanted to help somebody. We had this idea and we presented it to the civil association Voyage towards a dream,” says Mr. Petrouš.
A few years ago, he was completely fit and healthy, but following a very complicated injury and a complicated and long treatment, his leg finally needed to be amputated. He says that he finally feels better. “My life turned around. The amputation helped me get back to my normal life. I have finally no pains, and I am much more satisfied.” And full of strength, needless to say. He is already planning his next trip up the mountain.
Sports and coffee: Mr. Petrouš is a successful sportsman; he represents the Czech Republic in throwing categories at various Paralympic events. He is a two-time bronze medalist in European championship, he holds the European javelin record and the Czech records in javelin, discus and shot-put. By profession, he is a barista, a respected connoisseur of coffee and its preparation. He won the title of Coffee champion in 2005 and represented the Czech Republic on international events. Mr. Petrouš is married, with two children.
Further details about the activities and projects of the Voyage towards a dream may be found on their web site:
The Voyage towards a dream of Jaroslav Petrouš
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