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8 November 2023

Junior Event Coordinator

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Junior Event Coordinator - Impact Hub

In the Czech Impact Hubs we host more than 1200 events a year - from small workshops, to larger seminars, conferences and hackathons. Your role will be to take care of the clients and their wishes. If that sounds like a big mouthful, don't worry! You'll have a team behind you to support you and it's still fun ๐Ÿ™‚

What's in for you?

Fitness for the body and for the brain - a whole week of shuffling back and forth with hundreds of chairs, thinking about how to put it all together for maximum efficiency, being everywhere, keeping a calm head, taking obstacles as part of the process, not problems, hearing the phone ringing in your pocket, being able to calculate what's worthwhile and what's not, and going out for a beer with the team in the evening or falling down with fatigue. There are people who are drained by this and then there are those who are recharged by it. We're looking for the latter group.

Communicating with our great clients - you'll get one enquiry after another in your email. You'll enjoy this job if you enjoy fulfilling the wishes of others and even in the brisk pace of one event after another, you can make a person feel important to you. A significant help is that we attract people like us - so god people ๐Ÿ™‚ Grumps don't tend to run events here.

Collaboration with other people - the team of event assistants plus dinner ladies and our suppliers. As standard we supply the venue with a pre-arranged set-up of chairs and tables, projection equipment, catering and sometimes event promotion. Some things you will be directly involved in with your sleeves rolled up, others you will "just" coordinate.

Money, money, money - it all has to work out nicely for us, because order makes friends. Billing, reporting and related administration will be a full part of your job. You don't have to completely excel at excel, but without knowing the basic functions it would probably be a chore.

A team that looks out for you - this isn't a clichรฉ, running Impact Hub is a team sport. We wish to find in you another heartthrob and enthusiast for what we do. We strive for radical openness and a culture based on #trust #courage and #collaboration. We are close to each other. We have each other's backs. We form real friendships.

What do you find here?

  • Cooperation on HPP and monthly remuneration of 33.600,- CZK
  • start ideally ASAP - during November at the latest
  • a team where it's one for all and all for one and lots of feedback ๐Ÿ™‚
  • maximum support from Leado in personal development and the opportunity to grow through practical experience
  • Connecting to a community of inspiring people and expanding your network of contacts
  • all the classics: phone allowance, multisport, dog-friendly offices, 5 weeks of vacation (6 weeks after 2 years), team-building 2 times a year, free use of our premises to work on your own projects (also in Brno and Ostrava), first aid course #kryjemevamzada and our tidbit - free Top5 StrengthsFinder consultation.
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