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7 November 2018

Ingenia Ambition from Philips

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Philips introduces a new magnetic resonance

Ingenia Ambition

Imaging methods are the real backbone of modern diagnostics and monitoring of treatment success. The economic burden of the entire health facility depends on the performance and accuracy / flawlessness of the images. Faults, downtime and technical defects will not only be expensive for the radiodiagnostic workplace, but for the whole medical facility due to repeated examinations, prolongation of the hospital stay, not to mention the consequences for the health conditions of the patient.

High-quality, safe, trouble-free and patient-friendly imaging equipment is a good investment. At the XLI. Czech Radiological Congress held in mid-October in Olomouc, Philips introduced Ingenia Ambition, a new magnetic resonance, which contains only seven liters of cooling medium – helium.

Ingenia Ambition

The helium in Ingenia Ambition is permanently sealed inside a BlueSeal magnet from which it cannot escape and it is not necessary to supplement the helium throughout the life of the device. Thanks to the small helium content, compared to 1500 liters in conventional magnets, the new device is also 900 kg lighter, reducing construction costs and siting challenges. It is not necessary to provide ventilation piping and due to its reduced weight Ingenia Ambition can be installed on any floor of a health care facility.


EasySwitch enables continuous operation of the Ingenia Ambition. In case an object is stuck in the gantry, the operator can easily switch the magnet off and back on. Compressed SENSE is an advanced acceleration application that reduces exam times by up to 50%. VitalEye is a unique approach to detecting patient physiology and breathing movement allowing routine exam set-up time to occur in less than a minute. Together, these innovations help to standardize and speed up workflow, allowing clinicians to focus on the patient.

The Ingenia Ambition X is part of the all-new Ingenia digital MR portfolio designed to improve the patient and staff experience, drive better productivity and efficiency, enable increased diagnostic confidence and better practice management.

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