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5 November 2018

ING Bankers (back) to school

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ING Bank kept on tradition and same as previous years, took part in Czech Banking Association project Bankers to School (Bankéři do škol). The aim of this social responsibility activity is to enhance financial literacy among grammar and high school students.
ING Bank_Karel Hladk studentm Gymnzia Eliky Krsnohorsk00
Our colleagues David Guerrero, Jan Komínek and Jan Putala dedicated an October morning to discuss topics such as cyber security with the students. As Karel Hladík, Information Security Expert, ING Bank, said, today's students do not know the world without the internet and much of their lives take place on social networks. Just as they have learned to safely cross the street or lock their stuff in the cloakroom, it is vital for their lives to behave safely even in the virtual environment. For instance, how many of them realize that if their computer runs slow, it might not be because they have an old model, but that it is vicious? We are glad that we could share our knowledge that should be part of the financial literacy of each of us.
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