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16 November 2020

In hard times Albert supports doctors, nurses and other medical staff with fresh food

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With the outbreak of the second covid wave in mid-October, Albert has restarted the food donations to medical staff in hospitals. Following the spring deliveries of more than 8,000 portions to seven hospitals in Prague, Albert extends the donations and delivers food supply to nurses, doctors and medical staff to nine hospitals in Prague and its surroundings. Albert also donates its gift vouchers to the Czech Red Cross. For next week the same aid is prepared for three hospitals in northern Moravia and also Decin.

This year the situation is very demanding for all of us and especially for the people in the first line, like the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff. "We see our role in society not only to keep our stores open to manage supply of food to customers, but we are equally pleased to be able to help communities. The donations of fresh food, snacks, bagels, fruit and ready-to-eat products help the medical staff and doctors to focus on their jobs while re-energizing properly. This is our big thank you to staff in our hospitals for their demanding and hard everyday work,” said Jiří Mareček, Director of Communication in Albert.

Last week, Albert also donated gift vouchers for shopping in Albert stores to the Czech branch of the Red Cross.

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