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18 March 2024

Huisman crane contributes to clean energy production offshore in Taiwan

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Huisman Czech Republic has contributed to the success of a significant renewable energy project in Taiwan. A heavy-lift crane with a capacity of 4,000 tons, whose key components were manufactured at the Sviadnov plant, has entered into operation at sea. The crane is an integral part of the Green Jade vessel, operated by CSBC+DEME Wind Engineering, assisting in the installation of foundations for giant offshore wind turbines.

The OMC crane, with a lifting capacity of 4,000 tons and a height of 125 meters above the deck, excels in its ability to efficiently handle large structures. "Key components of this advanced crane were manufactured here in the Czech Republic, and we have worked approximately 35,000 hours on this project overall," specifies Karel Pavlíček, Managing Director of Huisman Czech Republic, adding, "In Sviadnov, we produced parts such as crane arms, winches and drums for winding ropes, or an important system to secure the crane in case of rope breakage, preventing the crane from uncontrollably falling into the sea."

The assembly of the crane took place directly in Taiwan. Jan Toman, production coordinator from Huisman Czech Republic, who spent three months in Taiwan, ensured detailed supervision of welding and compliance with technological procedures: "I was mainly responsible for monitoring and supervising the adherence to correct welding technological procedures. This involved daily checks on weld readiness, technological discipline, or quality of execution."

The Green Jade vessel will transport and install a new generation of foundations for wind turbines. Thanks to the unique design of the Huisman crane, the vessel can transport and install the heaviest components in a single shipment, leading to cost reduction for further auxiliary transport and installation. Recently, CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering successfully installed the first foundations of the Zhong Neng offshore wind farm with a planned capacity of 298 MW.

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