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5 May 2023

Green steel used for the industrial warehouse in CTPark Prague North

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CTP, the largest developer focused on sustainable construction of industrial and logistics properties in the Czech Republic, is building some of the most sustainable warehouses in the world in CTPark Prague North. One of the elements contributing to the carbon neutrality of the warehouses is the use of trapezoidal sheets made of XCarb ‘green’ steel, manufactured by Arcelor Mittal, for the entire roof area of a warehouse designated D8.7B with a total area of 32,000 sqm. This resulted in a saving of 835 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of 348 people living without a car for 1 year.

XCarb green steel is a decarbonised, low-carbon product that uses primarily renewable resources and minimises the consumption of fossil fuels. In practice, this means that CO2 generation is reduced. Arcelor Mittal's goal is to switch to 100% renewable sources in the production of XCarb green steel. In case of the warehouse D8.7B, the use of this eco-friendly material has saved 835 tonnes of CO2 in the production of trapezoidal sheets for the complete roofing of the entire 32,000 sqm warehouse.

"We address sustainability holistically and strive for carbon neutrality over the long term, thus we choose our suppliers based on their environmental responsibility and ask for the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) on materials to verify provenance. The materials purchasing strategy also goes hand in hand with the BREEAM New Construction certification, which considers the materials used in the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)," explained Gabriela Povýšilová, ESG Manager, CTP Czech Republic.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides information on the environmental impact of a product or service throughout its life cycle, from creation to disposal. The declaration contains information on the material composition of the product and on the consumption of raw materials and energy at each stage of the product's life cycle, such as waste production, impact on climate change, eutrophication, ozone depletion, etc. The EPD verifies that the manufacturer complies with the requirements of EN ISO 14025 and other related documents.

CTPark Prague North is one of the most environmentally friendly industrial-logistics parks in the country. The developer aims to achieve a zero-carbon footprint when building new warehouses. Building D8.7B aspires to the highest BREEAM New Construction Outstanding certification. Sustainable features can be found in all phases of construction. Recycled materials, such as aggregates, or FSC and EPD certified materials, such as XCarb steel for the roof, were used. Biological supervision was present during construction and animal protection was ongoing. When completed, the warehouse D8.7B will feature modern automated LED lighting, energy-efficient equipment, low-emission heating sources, exterior roller shutters, rooftop photovoltaic panels and a rainwater tank for flushing. Furthermore, the building will stand out with its unique green facade. A rich planting of meadow flowers and trees, a retention tank for local aquatic life, a beetle and lizard pond, or a UV film on windows to prevent birds from colliding with these, are planned.

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