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13 December 2021

GoodCall receives the ABSL Diamond Award for Employer branding campaign

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GoodCall was awarded the ABSL Diamond Award for Employer Branding & People Engagement campaign prepared for ExxonMobil during the gala evening on the occasion of the annual ABSL conference. The ABSL Association rewards every year the companies that contributed the most to the development of the business services sector in the Czech Republic last year and thanks to innovative projects increased the standard of provided services, customer experience, talent development, and work environment.

The approach was to look at this in a complex way, with a multitude of channels and concepts. We agreed that the whole process would be split into four parts. We ran it on Facebook and Instagram, and GoodCall would be responsible for all the posts, website creation, tracking, campaigns, delivery, and organisation.

“The initial idea was to increase the employer brand, to inform the market that ExxonMobil is a great place to work. The project was centred around capitalising on ExxonMobil’s relationships with Red Bull Racing Honda and Formula 1. The culmination was a competition to explain what interests you in the company and then a VIP trip to London,” explains Blake Wittman, European Business Director at GoodCall.

Part One was the merchandise giveaway which served as the warm-up as well as a gauge for what to expect in the larger competition.

Part Two was the competition itself. For this we built a custom landing page/website. The endgame was to have people fill out a quiz about ExxonMobil, including mostly multiple choice, but also two open questions asking them to type out their answers. This was the centrepiece of the website, which drove users to complete the quiz. Our target was 100-200 finished quizzes. In the end, we had 352!

After the winner was announced, we launched Part Three, the so-called Values Campaign, combining the employer values that ExxonMobil represents with similar Red Bull Racing values. We agreed on 8 values that would be represented in micro videos or photos. We involved the company employees and management in the shootings and were able to successfully define each value in a creative way.

Part Four was the trip itself for the winners. They spent one day in Milton Keynes, getting a private tour of a Formula 1 factory and the winners and their guests were thoroughly impressed. The following days they stayed in beautiful 5-star hotels, visited Her Majesty’s Theatre to see Phantom of the Opera, and dined at Michelin star restaurants. This final phase of this robust Employer Branding campaign was then focused on the post-trip video, content, and tying that into ExxonMobil as a great place to work.

The campaign on social networks gained an incredible 2 million views in 7 months. All with minimal costs and the involvement of internal employees and their creativity.

“It was certainly a challenge, but it was a wonderful team effort that everybody contributed to, and we succeeded massively,” concludes Blake Wittman.

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