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20 June 2022

Flash news from the Czech & Slovak Initiative ECR

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ECR Annual Conference & General Assembly

Hosted by Nestle in April ECR Annual Conference presented priority topics for 2022. There are 2 core pillars for ECR: Collaboration & Sustainability. ECR Board Members – Roman Bartišek, VP Supply Chain Albert ČR, Jozef Šimo Head of Supply Planning, Makro C&C, Stanislav Martínek, Supply Chain Manager, Nestlé and Pavel Hampejs, Supply Chain Manager, Unilever presented their visions and views on ECR activities for 2022. EDI Working group leaders  presented their goals for 2022 in the area of digitalization of retail and paperless vision. ECR Benchmarking & OSA leader presented project status of common methodology and best practice guidelines for goods availability and out of stock root case analysis. In sustainability area Lean & Green sustainable logistic program was presented and Packaging design for Recycling. More information on

Lean & Green Europe Award for CO2 Reduction Commitment goes to Budějovický Budvar

Budějovický Budvar np, is the first company, which prepared their own Action plan to reduce CO2 from their logistics and warehousing activities by at least 20% within 5 years. This action plan was reviewed by an independent auditor – University of Economy in Prague, logistics department. Lean & Green Europe is the most significant program for sustainable logistics in Europe. Originated in Netherlands 11 years ago, is now available in 12 countries in Europe and Canada. More information on

ECR & WPO launched jointly Packaging Design for Recycling

Project initiated by ECR Austria resulted in global cooperation with World Packaging Organization. Next phase is to focus on local condition and jointly prepare Nation guidelines. Soon to be announced cooperation between ECR and Packaging Institut Syba. More information

ECR Circular Economy Webinar Series 2022

Global Review of Circular Economy Case Studies from Retail and FMCG sector was launched earlier this year. Selected case studies were introduced during webinars. If interested, you can register and join here

ECR Retail Loss Group 2022

Chaired by John Fontaijn from AholdDelhaize, ECR Retail Loss Group will focus on more topics during 2022, including Food Waste, Shrinkage, Self Checkout, RFID in Grocery Retail, Frictionless Shopping and losses in eCommerce. More information

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