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31 March 2021

Discover with Crowdberry, why in a post-pandemic world, one of the bright lights of investment will again be real estate

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Key members of CB Property Investors Subfund are hosting a public online webinar on current market trends on April 14, 2021

CB Property Investors Subfund, a real estate fund of qualified investors regulated and supervised by the Czech National Bank, represents a specific way of investing in Czech and Slovak real estate across different real estate segments. The fund will focus on value-added investments with an aim to deliver above-average returns of 10+% p.a. This presents a suitable choice for investors who are interested in increasing their exposure to CZ and SK real estate.

While the recent health pandemic accelerated the growth of e-commerce, retail parks in the CEE region demonstrated resilience to the retail operating restrictions placed upon brick-and-mortar retail. Last year, retail parks were among the better performing assets of any real estate segment. Interest in investing in this type of real estate has been growing. This type of retail allows for greater flexibility in operating, they are by design always open-air shopping experiences, with strong locations in terms of accessibility for the shopper, and ample parking. The shop store design and size are adaptable for retailers who run an omni-channel retailing sales model.

The logistics sector also offers attractive investment opportunities, primarily due to the growth in revenues of e-commerce companies, which have been seeking to rent additional space in such buildings.  We have seen the turnover of e-commerce increased several times in the Czech Republic and Slovakia over the past five years. The residential real estate market is in a similarly healthy shape, with demand for homes and apartments exceeding supply, making residential projects with well thought-out layouts and attractive design features a solid “wealth growth and preservation” investment play.

In all three categories, CB Property Investors is in the process of actively pursuing opportunities that deliver above-average real estate investment returns. "We are pleased to be able to throw open the door to investments for private investors – or corporates, for that matter – for whom such opportunities would otherwise not be available. At Crowdberry, we scrutinise the real estate market and, despite the multitude of factors at play, including issues like the current health pandemic, we believe there remain many opportunities offering great potential and manageable downside risk protection for investors. Our goal is to create an investment vehicle that shares more of the ‘upside’ with investors and is not simply a ‘dry and sleepy’ real estate fund.  Our strategy means there will be cases in which we will modernise the fabric and interior systems of buildings. This will in turn help to reduce the building's environmental impact (e.g., by lowering greenhouse gas emissions) through capital investment into new, sustainability-focused operations and ideas,” says Omar Sattar, Real Estate Managing Director at Crowdberry.

The webinar will be led by Peter Bečár, Partner at Crowdberry, together with Omar Sattar, and will take place on Wednesday, April 14 from 17:00.  The intention is to allow people who are keen to look behind the curtain of the real estate market, as well as those considering entering investment world of real estate funds, to learn more. The online meeting will provide participants with interesting information about trends in real estate investment, while also providing an overview of the first steps to consider when entering this investment arena. It will also focus on examples of transactions and references from the CB Property Investors Subfund itself, while giving an overview of the fund’s legal regulatory framework.

Those interested can join the webinar here: Webinar with CB Property Investors: Explore new investment opportunities in real estate.

More information about the CB Property Investors Subfund is available at:

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