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19 June 2023

Customer Centricity: A Vital Strategy for Long-Term Success and Growth

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In the fiercely competitive and ever-evolving market, where customer expectations continue to soar, companies are realizing the crucial importance of focusing on their customers. The concept of customer centricity is gaining increasing recognition as businesses understand that making decisions based on a good understanding of their customers is vital for long-term success and growth.

Recognising the significance of customer-centric approaches, Etnetera Group recently hosted another successful Business Brunch at Karlín's Truhlárna, bringing together individuals with a common passion for knowledge sharing and a customer-centric mindset. The presence of notable clients, including ČSOB, ŠKODA AUTO, Koší, Innogy, Direct Pojišťovna, and others, underscored the event's importance.

The Essence of Customer Centricity: Customer Journey Mapping

To kickstart the event, Filip Mandík and Petr Hingar from Etnetera Sense highlighted the significance of customer journey mapping - one of the most crucial tools for achieving customer centricity. This process involves visually representing the complete customer experience, spanning from initial contact to post-purchase interactions, by identifying and analyzing every touchpoint and interaction.

Surprisingly, only 39% of companies currently map the customer lifecycle, and even fewer have the customer journeys mapped in appropriate detail. These statistics shed light on missed opportunities for improved effectiveness in prioritizing opportunities, reacting efficiently to market change and implementing unified customer strategies, among others.

The Power of Real-Life Examples: Inspiring Success Stories

Now, let's consider the possibility that everything discussed so far could be mere theory.  That is when the event turned into its practical part, built on real case studies and experiences from the fields of finance, e-commerce and automotive.

Jakub Eliáš (Etnetera Sense) shared compelling instances of customer journey mapping in the banking and e-commerce sectors. Through real-life examples, he demonstrated how understanding the customer journey enables businesses to identify pain points, optimize touchpoints, and deliver exceptional experiences that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Matěj Přenosil (Etnetera Flow) followed suit, highlighting the shift in mindset towards customer centricity at Direct Pojišťovna during the development of their mobile application, currently boasting a 4.6-star rating on Google Play.

One of the most well-received speeches at the event was delivered by Pavel Pola (Etnetera Activate). His presentation offered a unique glimpse into the strategies behind reactivation campaigns and personalized emails, providing valuable knowledge derived from the ROSSMANN customer lifecycle.

But the event didn't stop there. Continuing the thread of compelling topics, Michal Bubeníček (Etnetera Motion) shared his expertise on the talent-centric approach, exemplifying the success of Škoda Kariéra's employer branding strategy. Lastly, shifting focus, Václav Dobeš (Etnetera Core) emphasized how a customer-oriented approach greatly impacts developers, highlighting their essential role in delivering customer-centric solutions.

Of course, no successful Business Brunch would be complete without a skilled moderator Jiří Štěpán (Etnetera Sense, Etnetera Group), who guided our guests and speakers through the entire program with energy, humor, and ease. Notably, the event boasted compelling panel discussions featuring hosts from ČSOB, Direct Pojišťovna, and Koší, as well as Q&A session, delving into critical topics such as the challenges faced in data collection and analysis during the mapping of customer journey.

Many thanks to all the organizers and our clients who were among the attendees of the Business Brunch. It was you who made this event such a success!

If you found the insights shared at the Business Brunch intriguing or want to discuss the potential benefits a customer-centric approach can offer your business, we invite you to leave us your email address. By doing so, you will be among the first to know when the date for the next Etnetera Group event is announced.

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