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11 August 2023

Discover the first coworking space in Prague-East

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Clubco in Nupaky offers efficient work without unnecessary commuting to Prague city center

Developer CTP has opened the modern coworking center Clubco in Nupaky near Prague. It is the first coworking space in the Prague-East area, offering flexible office spaces on the outskirts of Prague, without the need to commute to the city center. The 550 sqm coworking space is located in CTPark Prague East. CTP is responding to the lack of shared offices in the area, which have been growing in popularity in recent years.

CTP is the largest Czech developer of highly sustainable industrial-logistics parks, but its portfolio also includes premium office complexes, including the award-winning Clubco coworking space in Brno. This will no longer be the developer's only coworking center, as they have now expanded with another Clubco in Nupaky near Prague. CTP is complementing its portfolio by offering shared office services in the eastern part of the Czech capital, where flexible office spaces were previously unavailable.

"The popularity of flexible offices is constantly growing, but this concept of shared spaces is not available everywhere. That was also the case in Prague-East, where our Clubco is the very first coworking space without any local competition. It is a very specific area on the outskirts of Prague with a high concentration of commuters on the Plzeň - Prague - Brno route. I firmly believe that our Clubco will provide the much-needed office support and flexibility not only in terms of space arrangement but also rental conditions," commented Jakub Kodr, Head of Business Development, CTP Czech Republic.

The new Clubco is situated near the highway on the Prague Ring Road and only 30 minutes away from Prague Airport. Thanks to its excellent accessibility, it will serve individuals from the catchment area around Prague and those who commute to work in Prague from Brno and other cities. It is an ideal setting for those who prefer not to travel to the city center of Prague and waste time in heavy traffic. The coworking space is also suitable for small companies that value the flexibility of interior spaces, and given its location, it can also cater to tenants of CTPark Prague East. Moreover, with its premium offices and representative areas, it can also be utilised by the local municipality.

There are 10 offices of various sizes available, accommodating 2 to 6 people, as well as 3 meeting rooms, separate booths for focused work, a shared kitchenette, and shared spaces for business community gatherings. All of this is complemented by modern technological equipment. Thanks to its flexibility, the overall capacity of the coworking space is approximately 100 people. The developer also envisions the possibility of utilising services from both locations within the Clubco membership.

"The coworking center near Prague is another step on our journey to provide flexible office spaces in desired regions across the Czech Republic. We opened our first coworking space in Brno in the spring of 2021, and due to its popularity, we have already doubled its capacity. There is room for growth in our second coworking space as well, which has found its home in Nupaky. I am thrilled that we were able to bring our Clubco experience closer to Prague, where it is necessary to support the growth of peripheral areas and revitalise the local shared office market," added Adriana Sniegonová, Coworking Manager at Clubco, CTP Czech republic.

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