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25 June 2021

Chamber members, do your thing

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Changemakers are tenacious about the greater good. They are committed to something bigger than themselves and believe progress is always possible. ING is bringing you the collection of stories shine light on the people whose mission is to build a future proof world through collaboration and with innovative ideas. During June and September we share them also in Czech media and our digital channels. Already now, you can read great changemaker examples in our website.

Successfully dealing with change in today’s volatile and complex global business landscape is more important than ever. While the coronavirus pandemic has reshuffled global priorities, we cannot put off our efforts to fight the climate crisis. These times present us with an unprecedented opportunity to collectively hit the reset button and make changes to build back a better, more resilient world.

At ING, we believe that progress is always possible and in people who pursue it in a responsible way. We support changemakers – people and companies that ignite, lead and advocate for sustainable change in the world. As a bank, we can play a significant role by financing change and using our expertise and sector knowledge to help you achieve your goals. We make things personal, easy and smart for you, then step aside and let you do your thing.

See also local changemakers stories in the Czech language.

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