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23 March 2020

CBRE will financially support the Single Mothers Club

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In the Czech Republic and around the world, we are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and are thinking about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The Czech government has decided to close schools, most shops and services. People are encouraged to work from home, but not everyone has such an option. CBRE, the world leader in commercial real estate services, has therefore decided to financially support women from the Single Mothers Club, who are all alone in raising children and often find themselves in a difficult financial situation. According to available information from organizations supporting this group of people, financial support for single mothers may only be enough to pay their rent. This means parents who are unable to work currently are in an impossible situation.

“At a time when we have more negative news than positive ones, we decided not to close our eyes in this tough situation but to help when it is needed the most. We therefore decided to establish cooperation with the Single Mothers Club, which supports single mothers who are unable to work at this difficult time. The organization provides them with a one-time aid of CZK 2,000. As our company has been operating on the Czech market for 21 years, we have decided to financially support 21 families. In addition to this support from CBRE directly, we have also invited our employees, partners and clients to join us in this project. I therefore believe that the overall assistance to these families will be even greater.” comments Clare Sheils, Managing Director of CBRE.

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