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21 December 2018

Car sharing at Prague Airport

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Prague Airport is deploying an electric car sharing fleet. The good news is: the cars are supplied by Flexiauto, an Auto Palace Group and Innogy Energy initiative, following a long and intensive tendering process.

Flexiauto really understands the market trends and is off to a flying start thanks to its unique approach. Prague airport is their second major customer. The startup initiative also signed a contract with the Makro/Metro Cash & Carry wholesale chain in June this year. Thanks to this new contract, Airport staff now have a fleet of electric Volkswagen e-Ups at their disposal!

Corporate car sharing becoming popular

You couldn’t wish for a better start to a new project. Business Development and Innovation Director at The ACDR Division of AutoBinck, Ondřej Prejzek, is therefore extremely pleased with their new customer. ‘The Auto Palace Group is the second-largest dealer in the Czech Republic and has long been an innovative player in the automotive market. That is precisely why we chose to become an active partner in the Flexiauto project. Corporate car sharing delivers genuine savings in terms of time and costs, making it a popular form of mobility for employees in advanced markets. Furthermore, we are providing innovative companies a chance to bring experience with electric mobility to their staff.’

Unrivalled service and support

Large companies like Makro/Metro, and now also Prague airport, choose Flexiauto for their unrivalled service and support. Users of their electric cars can count on hassle-free driving. Ondřej: ‘We don’t burden customers with administrative processes. We offer flexible sharing without the inconvenience of maintenance, recharging and other operational overheads. Customers simply book their car using an intuitive mobile application and off they go. We intend to expand further, not only in Prague, but also in other major cities.’

Flexiauto specifically focuses on the lease and carpooling of electric cars, making it unique on the Czech market. Company employees can also reserve a car for private use at weekends. The scheme particularly appeals to younger employees, who believe that owning a car is too expensive. The convenience of a company car-sharing scheme is a great benefit for employees. At the same time, car sharing can help the employer to reduce the size of the vehicle fleet.

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