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18 November 2015

Business Lease first to offer operational leasing for Tesla Model S in the Czech Republic

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Business Lease is the first leasing company, which offers Tesla electric vehicle on operational leasing in the Czech Republic with a complete electric vehicle service package full of care.

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Pure acceleration, pure emotion, pure electric offered with a complete service package of care. This is how you can call the lease offering of the Tesla Model S by Business Lease in the Czech Republic. The novelty is brought here by Business Lease, one of the leaders in operational leasing. “Under strict requirements Business Lease is allowed to offer the Tesla Model S in the Czech Republic from August 2015. Business Lease will supply its customers with a comprehensive e-mobility product including charging facilities, maintenance and repair for a monthly fee. Truly care, not just a car,” Managing Director of Business Lease Elias Drakopoulos commented.

Tesla Experience

Within Tesla Experience, Business Lease will ensure a complete care and services through an operational lease – from financing the acquisition of the vehicle and its delivery to the client, to the payment of the registration expenses in the Czech Republic and to coverage of the vehicle service costs or delivery of the charging station. “We will also pay for the transportation costs of the car delivery to our clients. Within the complete care, Business Lease will ensure servicing of the vehicles at official Tesla Service Centers including the pick-up service, replacement mobility and warranty,” adds Elias Drakopoulos.

Absolute Care, Mobility and Experience

Business Lease is one of the market leaders in the field of operational leasing. The Company’s philosophy is to provide not only the car but rather mobility, ensuring the clients with an absolute care. The elevation of care to the core business is one of the reasons why Tesla has selected Business Lease. The second reason is 25 years of experience of its parent company, Business Lease, in operational leases, and the third is the advantage of setting the car's residual value, as the parent company already has in its portfolio many electric cars from Tesla Motors. Thus the car is becoming attainable, and ecology in the fleet gets green light.

Business Lease operates in the markets of the Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and since last year also in Romania. The group has recently presented its new strategy of providing innovative solutions ensuring absolute mobility. Its innovative approach is evident also by the support of electromobility. “The objective of Business Lease is offering innovative mobility solutions that are practical, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.” In addition to social responsibility to the environment and innovative approach, electromobility becomes also cost-effective. The reason is that the acquisition of an electric car under an operational lease does not require any initial investment.


As far as the Tesla cars are concerned, the experience of the parent company with these vehicles provided under operational leases allow Business Lease to ensure for Czech clients a high residual value of the electric car. In turn, the residual value influences the total amount of the monthly operational lease payments, because the customer with a car under an operational lease pays only the difference between the acquisition value of the vehicle and the residual value at the end of the lease, that is, only for the real time of using the car. “We can set the offer of an operational lease with the same cost effectiveness as in the case of conventional vehicles. Monthly lease payments for the company are fixed and without any risk connected to the resale price and servicing costs,” explains Elias Drakopoulos. It is also because electricity prices and service costs are much lower compared to conventional vehicles. Along with the electric car, the company supplies also a charging station.

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