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24 July 2017

Brno will be graced by a gallery of colourful umbrella

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Since the establishment of the DRFG Investment Group they have been trying to help. They support a variety of social, cultural and sports projects. Entrepreneurship is not only a tough business; it also has its human side and a broader social extent. „We care about the beauty of public space, and we penetrate it with futuristic architecture, collections of modern art, top level fashion, excellent central European cuisine and with other means. However, there has already come a moment when we should unify and internationally anchor our diverse support activities. That is why we have established the DRFG Foundation.“

„We help by what we are really good at.“ They do not only want to “give money”- to develop the others they offer our own competencies (“venture philanthropy”), and they prioritize long lasting partnerships. As they know our way around the world of money and at the same time they know that many people could ruin their lives if they do not handle their money with care, they strive to raise financial literacy. For instance together with they educate children in schools and in children’s homes.

DRFG umbrella

Everything begins with an encounter (Pope Francis). The DRFG Foundation is an open space for all who want to help to develop our region. Together we can achieve much more. And how to start – we only have to meet each other. Meetings and encounters enrich and bring together, help to identify who is unique and in what field he/she excels. The encounter is a fundamental method of development, an essential condition for personal and social growth. That is why tehy also support Meeting Brno Festival that is inspired by Meeting Rimini, a festival of friendship among nations. Meeting Brno brings distinctive personalities to Moravia, opens the region to the world and expands mutual understanding.

DRFG umbrella 2.png

Last year DRFG celebrated its launch by enhancing the center of Brno as a meeting place by installing an exhibition of 250 brightly colored umbrellas in Česká ulice. This idea appealed to the citizens of Brno so much that they decided to repeat this enhancement again this year.

The citizens of Brno can feast their eyes on colourful umbrellas in the city centre from the first day of summer. Like last year, the DRFG Foundation together with the Brno Diocese Charity has filled the Česká ulice in Brno with umbrellas to be auctioned off. The proceeds will then go to the needy in the Brno Diocese Charity. The umbrellas will be on display until October 4. This year is special in that the umbrellas will have an Italian flair because the Italian Embassy in the Czech Republic and the Italian Consulate, which will open specifically for Moravia in September, are also partners in the event.

After one year, Česká ulice will once again be enhanced by a collection of 250 colourful umbrellas. “Following last year’s success, when people told us how much they liked the umbrellas and what they would do with them after the show was over, we decided to repeat the event,” David Macek, the head of the DRFG Foundation. This year the umbrellas have an international flair, because they bear Italian colours. Green, white and red intertwine on a background of summer “azzuro,”

“Brno meets Italia,” is inscribed on the umbrellas. This refers to the fruitful meeting of Moravia and Italy on many levels. For example, the Meeting Brno, sponsored by the DRFG Foundation, which ended recently, was inspired by the Italian festival of friendship among nations, Meeting Rimini.

DRFG umbrella 4.png

When the show ends on October 4, i.e. on the day dedicated to the main patron of Italy, St. Francis of Assisi, the Brno Diocese Charity will auction off the umbrellas and use the proceeds for the needs of its clients.

“We consider these umbrellas to be a symbolic shelter which will help needy people find a real roof over their heads. We will use the proceeds for the Day Center for the Homeless which includes a safehouse and a dormitory,” Oldřich Haičman, the director of the Diocese Charity says.

For those interested in publishing selfies, the exhibition hashtag is #destnikybrno.

DRFG umbrella 5.png
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