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22 September 2023

Benefits in Albert: motivation for a healthy lifestyle

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Albert has been promoting healthy lifestyle, prevention and wellbeing for its employees many years. The activities included various events, such as seventh annual Month of Health, which is currently underway. The retailer believes, that it is the range of benefits offered that contributes to the satisfaction of its 20,000 employees. Albert invested over 400 CZK million in employee benefits and health promotion programmes last year.

Motivation towards health has been reflected in the company's benefits. "Last year, we invested a total of 400 million CZK in benefits and health promotion programmes. Together with financial benefits, company culture, communication and respect, this supports employee satisfaction. Thanks to our annual survey, we know that 89 % of employees would recommend Albert as a place where to work," says Ctirad Nedbálek, Albert's HR Director.

A month full of health

All Albert employees take part in Month of Health. Each from more than three hundred and thirty stores, three distribution centres and headquarter office will be visited by Healthy 5 trainers during this period. "We have therefore prepared some concrete tips on how not to waste food and also save money. We also focus on the ingredients of specific products and very popular food tastings," says Alena Paldusová, Project Manager of the Albert Foundation.

Days of Health, takes important part in Mont of Health in Albert. This day offers various examinations, such as pigment spots, lung function- spirometry, as well as massages, body composition and blood pressure measurements. The highlight of the Month of Health is the charity run for the Albert Foundation, where every kilometre run or walked is transformed into a financial contribution. The proceeds go to choose orphanages.

In addition, during whole year, Albert offers a number of preventive programmes, including immunity support in the form of vitamin distribution, flu vaccinations, regular webinars to support physical and mental health, online consultations with a doctor and a contribution to a MultiSport card. There is also a helpline, transport allowance and family shopping discount for employees.

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