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29 June 2017

Auto Palace launched website with largest number of new cars available for immediate purchase

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Three years ago Auto Palace Group was the first dealership that created a responsive website, way ahead of other Czech auto dealers. Today, more than 40 % of users of Auto Palace access the dealership website via mobile devices (smart-phones and tablets), and the company estimates that the ratio will exceed 50% in the beginning of 2018. Auto Palace Group currently has the most modern automotive portal with around 1 000 new cars in stock in the Czech Republic.

Auto Palace, the second largest car dealer in the Czech Republic, launched the most modern web-site in the Czech Republic a few days ago. In domestic conditions, it offers its customers around 1 000 new cars in stock. The new portal is also automatically linked to the YouTube channel and other social networks. The website´s encopasses all Auto Palace Czech branches and its address is

Auto Palace today is one of the largest online automotive innovators. As the first in the Czech Republic, it started selling cars online, more than a year in advance of its current competitor, the Alza Internet store.

The new site allows visitors to upload their posts and ratings directly or find a route to a dealership via Google Maps. Of course, there is also an option to display website in the English language.

Almost 100% of customers that are looking for a car, go through the Internet, so we feel a great responsibility to invest in on-line innovations," says Stanislav Perkner, marketing director of Auto Palace Group. Current users are increasingly using mobile devices for their search, so a fully responsive website was a logical step in its construction. At present, we run the largest hypermarket of new cars in the Czech Republic designed with a help of a reputable creative agency that fulfills the current requirements of Internet users," adds Stanislav Perkner.

The design of the new website comes from the workshop of the well-known creative agency Passion Communications.

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