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18 November 2019

Are you Brexit-proof?

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This is how you prepare for Brexit

Phased plan for entrepreneurs; it can take several months!

You must at least do this:

1 week: Ensure that you have an EORI number.

An EORI number is a registration and identification number. This number is required by Customs for economic operators which import or export goods into or out of the EU. 

2 weeks to 1 year: Ensure that you can submit your customs declarations using the systems of Customs.

Register with a  customs broker or obtain the necessary software

Several weeks: If you submit customs declarations yourself, apply for Registratie elektronisch berichtenverkeer (Electronic Messaging Registration).

Different conditions apply to each customs declaration system, so a separate registration will be required for each system. 

You may have to do this as well 

Subject to inspection? For animal products and waste materials, for example, you must obtain the right certification from your relevant national authorities. 

Additional customs regulations or permits?Check whether they apply to you.Note: all customs documents must also be electronically submitted in advance using the port system of Portbase. 

Arrange it now 

Go to to see what you can arrange now.For more information go to:

Do you need help with these steps?

Please contact the Dutch National Helpdesk at +31 88 156 66 55.

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