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14 December 2022

Safeguard against copied work? Certoo.

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The largest Czech-Slovak law firm with an international approach HAVEL & PARTNERS and Artinii have joined forces to come up with an innovation – the online data protection tool With Certoo, you can safeguard evidence against copying or your work against imitation in a minute. Using blockchain technology, you will obtain strong evidence that can be used not only in court, but also to prove that your copyrighted work existed when uploaded to Certoo in the exact form in which you uploaded it.

Certoo protects the ownership of your uploaded documents with an irrefutable blockchain timestamp and a certificate of ownership that can serve as valid evidence in court. Simply create an account to access your private storage and upload any file or folder you want to protect. Certoo will encrypt the files and store a digital record of them as an encrypted code or hash on the blockchain.

All this gives you a huge advantage in case someone else claims to be the author of your text, idea, graphic or any other document. You can always say “No, I created this 2 months ago, look”. To prove it, you will need a certificate that you can download to your personal storage. The certificate contains your name, details and the blockchain code (hash) of the uploaded document. This code is easily searchable on the blockchain, so anyone can verify your ownership. It’s easy!

The price for using Certoo starts at €5.00, making it available fast and online to literally anyone. Try Certoo at HAVEL & PARTNERS will be glad to introduce you to the project and its operation. Please contact More information can also be found here.

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