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14 October 2019

An overview of this year’s TechoCon

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The conference TechoCon is done and dusted now. What was TechoCon 2019 like? Techo is bringing you a detailed summary, not just of the day itself, but of the whole year since last year’s conference.

The first emotion from this year’s TechoCon? Huge energy generated by hundreds of people. We were very happy by the number of people who came to our conference, the number who registered and the positive feedback we have received.

Putting it into numbers, over 650 people registered for this year’s TechoCon! This is a significant increase compared to last year and the TECHO showroom was full all day. A packed programme, one presentation after another, excellent speakers, hundreds of meetings, exchanging business cards, presentations of partners… and a few days after the event now we remain full of exceptional impressions. The Ebook has just come out and in it we summarise the entire content of the full day.

For the full report, please visit TechoCon website:
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