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19 August 2020

Albert prepared a new generation of shopping in supermarkets

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Jesenice features fresh inspiration and convenience under one roof

End of July was the date when Albert opened up a new chapter in convenient shopping. Its new supermarket in Jesenice aims to set new trend and presents innovations like a dry misting, self scanning with mobile app and hand devices and self checkouts zone. Though the innovations are brought through new offers from local suppliers like the family Kabat bakery and craft beers from the restaurants breweries in the surroundings of the store. The fresh offer and new look and feel of the store present great shopping atmosphere, which is appreciated by uplift of customers from Prague and surrounding parts like Jesenice.

Three years ago, Albert opened a new era of hypermarket shopping at its Chodov store. Visited by 15 thousand customers every day, Chodov has brought a lots of innovations in the format, that were later rolled out to other Albert stores as well. The Jesenice convenient store has similar ambition and tests new features that are likely to appear in other Albert stores across the fleet.

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