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25 February 2021

Albert doubled donations to Food Banks last year

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Last year that brought many people on the brink of their basic human needs, Albert has more than doubled food donation to the Federation of Food Banks. The chain of stores also supplied dozens of hospitals, affected areas and orphanages. In overall, Albert has increased the amount of donated food by 75% to 795 tons. That represents aid amounting 1.5 million portions of food. 60 extra tons Albert accounted for the special delivery. Albert also distributed two extra 1 million Czech crowns grants to orphanages, helping them to bridge the difficult times.

During the outbreak of the first wave, Albert swiftly reacted and brought extra weekly donations of ten thousand of food portions to the Food Banks. “The credit goes to the Food Banks. As an effective organisation, they have a dense network of cooperating organisation with fast delivery to those in need, like single mothers, social and charitable organisations,” says Jiri Marecek, director of communication in Albert stores.

As the COVID-19 returned in the fall, Albert restarted immediately donations to hospitals.

“Last year wasn’t easy for food banks, nor for stores or people. Many of us realized how important it is to help each other. Albert together with Food Bank found out new ways to help and even more extended our great cooperation. This helped us to increase the donations. Together with Albert, we are helping each other and focusing on our conceptional cooperation. We are very thankful to Albert and its employees in stores, says Veronika Láchová, director of Czech Federation of Food Banks. Last year Albert also donated to Food Bank a car with cooling system for better deliveries of fresh food.

Situation about pandemic is still difficult therefore Albert continues to help. Every week the company delivers refreshments to 14 hospitals across The Czech Republic. Now it prepares another extra contribution. A disinfection in the amount of more than 3.5 million Czech crowns will go again to social organisations, orphanages but also the hospitals as extra help.

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