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27 April 2020

Albert donates food to hospitals and food banks

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Albert Foundation announced special grant for 1 million CZK for those in need

Albert has been donating 10,000 meals every week to food banks and hospitals during the month-long coronavirus emergency. Consignments of food are being distributed to several hospitals in Prague, especially to doctors and medical staff who is taking care of people with coronavirus. The consignments typically consist of fresh food, fruit, biscuits, chocolates and beverages to refuel their energy.

Albert is also donating to food banks. It has already sent 55 pallets of food - including pasta, oil, flour etc. Albert was the first retailer in the Czech Republic to initiate this activity, followed by other competitors later on.

Albert has also sent food to the most affected areas in the country, where quarantine has been declared in recent weeks. It also worked with the League for the Protection of Animals to send food for dogs and cats to the region.

In cooperation with Albert Foundation, the company is helping the non-profit organizations, orphanages and other institutions who are taking care of people in social difficulties or facing unstable situation. Albert Foundation announced a special grant for 1 million CZK for orphanages who are in need the most. These days they are dividing the funds into the 66 organizations who assigned for this grant. These organizations will use the money to ensure the staff for kids and the people in their institutions to make their lives in isolation easier.

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