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17 May 2021

Air Square by KOGAA at The Race & Climate Change Festival in Seattle, USA

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Our member, KOGAA Studio, is very proud to announce that their Air Square is on its way to Seattle, WA, USA, to become the main stage of one month of dance and theatre performances of The Race & Climate Change Festival | June 1-30 organized by Spectrum Dance Theater.

What is Air Square?

Air Square is a mobile public space. The piece reactivates underused urban spaces by bringing them purpose. Tackling the issues related to climate change such that of overheat in our cities, Air Square provides shading to otherwise over-exposed green-less spaces. It's integrated seating, evening illumination, and circular shape makes it the ideal stage for events and public functions.

"At KOGAA we are dedicated to projects with a positive impact on the users, the environment, and the surrounding communities. It is our responsibility, as architects, to be considerate of all aspects of the built environment. By researching urban problems related to climate change, we actively challenge the functions of public spaces, transforming them into educational, interactive, and conscious catalysts,"

Alexandra Georgescu, Founding Partner at KOGAA

About The Race & Climate Change Festival

Under the direction of choreographer and artistic director Donald Byrd and Company, the performances will explore the question, “How might life be lived in the near future after humans have adapted?” The Festival experience invites visitors to explore and imagine future communities, called shucks, coping with the long-term impacts of climate change on the physical world and humanity. This glimpse into the future showcases the stories of surviving humans, how they have adapted to the new reality, and their interpretation of the impact and events of pre-climate disaster.

Credit: Photography by Josema Cutillas

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