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5 August 2016

108 AGENCY: HyperMedia leases new warehouse in Prague East to start there HyperOdvoz

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HyperMedia company, which is among the leading operators of the internet portals in the Czech market, has leased approximately 2,550 square meters of warehouse and office space in the Tescoma commercial area at the D1 highway, Exit 8. The company will start there the HyperOdvoz, a new project specializing in sale of useless belongings.


"With the HyperOdvoz, we are entering the off-line world to interconnect it with the on-line environment, where we have wealth of experience. HyperOdvoz is a complex service that is specialized in effective sale of needless possession involving a wide range of things that people have at home or firms in their operation. Through this service, we will provide the customers with a comprehensive sales process, when we pick up the goods from the customer's place, create an advertisement, evaluate and sell the goods and subsequently transfer the funds from sale of the goods to a customer," said Petr Beneš, HyperMedia founder and CEO. "Added value for the customers and in the Czech market unique competitive advantage, we see in a picking up the goods on the customer's place and in our own packing there with no weight or dimensions limit.“ Until now, the company has been exclusively specialized in operating of the internet portals and providing an on-line marketing strongly focused on addressing the quality end-users. Due to its new project, it is expanding the activites also into the logistics.


Tescoma commercial area is a warehouse and administrative centre offering a total of 3,245 square meters of modern premises. It is situated in Nupaky close to the D1 highway, Exit 8, from where it is easily accessible by car as well as by truck. "One of the main roles in choosing the Tescoma commercial area played an existing equipment of the facility. The facility offers a range of modern storage technologies and it is suitable for storing the goods of different type and size, which is in line with a new HyperMedia's project,“ stated Marek Sýkora from the real estate consulting company 108 AGENCY, a broker of the lease transaction.

HyperMedia, a.s. is a Czech internet company founded in 2003. The company's first project was the portal, currently the largest Czech advertising portal. Among the company's other significant projects may include the internet portals such as,, or The main activities of the company inlcude internet marketing, website representation and operation of the internet portals. In this area, it belongs among the leaders in the Czech market and in terms of its website traffic, it is one of the top ten most sought companies. The company owns and represents dozens of portals that relatively quickly gained a high popularity. Today, the portals have a million visits per month and register more than 2 million users, whose number is constantly increasing.

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