Women of Tomorrow Conference

Friday, 24 May 2024

13:00 - 18:00

ONLINE or WPP Campus, Bubenská 1, Praha 7

Conference topics

  • Gender Pay Gap: how to tackle the pay gap between men and women
  • Child Penalty: the long-term negative impact of motherhood on women's earnings
  • Parenting vs. career plan: the influence of parenthood on the career path of women
  • Experiences of single parents: a close-up look at their challenges and triumphs
  • Career restart after parental leave: how to jump back into the workforce
  • Company pro-family policy in practice: how some companies take care of parents
  • Networking: making new contacts is a great start to your job search

Restarting a career after parental leave, combining work and family, but also a pay gap. Hot topics will be opened by the Women of Tomorrow conference.
Mother, employee, entrepreneur, educator, housewife, partner – one woman, many roles. When trying to combine career and family, many of these topics come to the surface, which are finally starting to be properly discussed. When and where?

The non-profit organization M.arter, together with our member HEINEKEN ČR, is organizing a conference on May 24, which will open up the topics that move Czech society now more than ever before. This conference devoted to parenting, career and equal opportunities will offer practical advice, inspirational stories and networking in one place. The auspices of the conference were taken over by the representative of the government of the Czech Republic for human rights, Mgr. Klára Šimáčková Laurenčíková.


Because we believe it is essential to openly discuss topics that are important but often overlooked. We feel the need to support and empower women in all spheres of their lives and show the current state of Czech society. Women of Tomorrow, a conference on parenting, careers and equal opportunities, is here not only for us, but mainly for the women of the future generation, our daughters and their partners, our sons.

"After the successful Day for single parents, which we organized last year, we decided to follow up on last year and organize an event this year, where we will meet not only single parents in person. The participants of the Women of Tomorrow conference will have a unique opportunity to hear the stories of inspiring personalities who were able to develop their potential despite prejudices. The conference is intended for all parents. You can expect panel discussions, examples of good practice and lectures from experts with advice and tips on how to fully live all your roles without overworking and burning out, on how negotiate or create your personal brand," says Andrea Bohačíková, CEO and founder of M.arter.

For whom?

The conference is intended for the general public, so anyone can participate. This is also thanks to the fact that it is online and you can sign up on the website 👉🏻HERE. The conference is here for everyone who perceives the topics as important, whether they are parents, future parents or single parents. It is the single-parents who belong to one of the most financially threatened groups in society, and the current difficult economic situation as well as the situation on the labor market, which only offers part-time work to a small extent, are not at all supportive. Therefore, HEINEKEN ČR has been supporting the M.arter organization for a long time, and since 2021 it has also been the main partner of the program Career Restart For Single Parents. The goal of the program is to help single parents open doors to new job opportunities, and it is completely free of charge.

"The topic of single parents and their application on the labor market is crucial to us at Heineken, and we try to actively contribute to the solution of this problem as an employer as well. In addition, it also makes sense for us to support organizations such as M.arter, which has already helped many satisfied participants restart their careers thanks to the Career Restart For Single Parents program. We see the Women of Tomorrow conference as another opportunity where parents can get valuable information, be inspired by interesting personalities and gather no less valuable contacts. I believe that the topics of this year's conference are very current and important, and that M.arter has addressed great experts who have a lot to say about them," says Dita Jacobson, Corporate Affairs Manager at HEINEKEN Czech Republic.

Who are the conference speakers?

"Supporting women is a topic close to my heart and the more this topic is talked about, the more likely it will be that change will occur in this company," says Aneta Martínek, co-founder of HolkyzMarketingu, co-founder of HolkyzByznysu, and mom.

What does the woman of tomorrow look like according to Petra Drahoňovská, career advisor, multiple national award winner and mother. "I see tomorrow as the brighter future, so this woman can choose the life she wants without someone constantly judging her for it," says Petra.

You won't be alone with Alžběta Mangarella. "One thinks better in dialogue. Women balancing family and work can share their experiences, make sure they are not alone and get inspiration," says the economist and mother of 2 children.

"When I'm a full-time dad now, I believe I'll remember it for the rest of my life," comments Ladislav Veselý, ex-CEO of Slevomat and a man who will start parental leave in May.

Lenka Mrázová, Leadership Mentor, Business & Team coach and inspirer, reacts to the conference: "I work with people of all generations. I often learn new things, and I do them as one of the first people in the Czech Republic. I know and do a lot on the subject of Women of Tomorrow. I have something to convey. I'll be happy to hand it over."

The conference is subsidized by HEINEKEN CR and you can join it from practically anywhere. Only online tickets are currently available, for the symbolic price of CZK 99 instead of CZK 1,700. Join us for an afternoon full of topics that will often get you out of your chair and you won't forget them. Single parents have free entry to the event - their tickets are paid for by the HEINEKEN CR partnership. More information, including registration for the conference, can be found on the conference website.

Media partners of the conference are Heroine and maminka.cz.

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