Peer Learning Workshop: Keys to Remote Meetings

On behalf of our Corporate member Hackerly, we were happy to introduce the first Peer Learning Workshop:

Keys to remote meetings

On Wednesday 6 May, from 15:00 until 17:00

Requirements: English language - B2 Level

As a facilitator of any virtual meeting, you are responsible for the right content, what happens and when.
Unfortunately, you cannot simply copy your habits from face-to-face meetings. You need to translate them into a vibrant virtual space and create a highly productive remote setting.
In this module, participants had the opportunity to discover how to make this happen and how to spend just 20% of the time required on a meeting itself.

How it works

In networking groups of 3-4 people from various companies, participants were guided through a Peer-Nano-Learning Module (Keys to Remote Meetings) together.
During this 90 minutes session, participants were coached in the light of best practices to solve related challenges. Importantly, people connected with and learned from others through discussion, exercises and feedback, including real action as well as a reflection on their ways of working.

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