Philips: How to benefit more from the office space

8.30 - 11.00

The NCCC, in cooperation with Philips CR, had the pleasure to enjoy with you a very inspiring Business breakfast covering the following topics:
Philips Office Lighting_logo
  • How are workplaces of tomorrow different compared to today?
  • What environments enhance employee productivity?
  • How workspaces support more collaboration and improve communication?
  • How to create a more productive work environment and save money?
  • What not to forget when moving or refurbishing your office space?
  • What shall be the role of the GM/CEO in regards to the workspace? 
Jiří Tourek
General Manager Philips CR
"Redefinition of firm's culture was the main challenge in quest for our new office space concept. The greatest impact was felt in working desk arrangeement, choosing location and the need for team cooperation."
During this interactive workshop, we had an opportunity to see and experience an interesting example of modern workspace of Philips offices.
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