Trends & Drivers of Innovation in Commercial Real Estate

Together with our members CBRE, CTP and xITee, the NCCC Traders by Nature bring you an exciting online event. Jam-packed with the latest content on what is driving innovation in the commercial real estate sector, this is the first event that will offer online networking as well.

Operated via the just launched community platform of the NCCC Traders by Nature, participants can actively participate in the event and set up individual online meetings around the event as well.


Event date: Thursday, 23 April 2020 at 09:00 (UTC+02:00 Europe/Prague)

All topics will include a short introduction video, a 5-minute presentation and a moderated and interactive Q&A


09:00-09:05   Welcome & Opening by Bastiaan Brouns, Director NCCC Traders by Nature
09:05-09:15   Indoor Air Quality monitoring by Ondřej Víša, Sustainability consultant at CBRE
09:15-09:25   Energy consumption and environmental footprint of a building by Stefan de Goeij, Group Sustainability Officer at CTP
09:25-09:35   Occupancy measurement by Rainer Schumacher, Managing Director of xITee
09:35-09:45   Visitor management by Rainer Schumacher, Managing Director of xITee
09:45-09:50   Sustainable growth with ESG data (environmental, social and governance) by Ondřej Víša, Sustainability consultant at CBRE
09:50-10:00   Q&A, moderated by Bastiaan Brouns
10:00-18:00   Time to use for your own meetings*

You will be able to register for this free event via the online community platform of the NCCC Traders by Nature. This will allow you to join future events with one-click (no need to re-enter your details). In addition, you will see beforehand which other people will join this event and you can schedule individual online meetings with them.

(*) Once you have registered for this event, you will be able to browse the other participants and request meetings with them. Upon acceptance of your meeting request, the NCCC community platform will schedule the meeting and generate a Zoom link automatically for this individual meeting.


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