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We are happy to inform you that Mrs. Brigitte Vaňatová from the Dutch law firm De Koning Vergouwen Advokaten (DKVA) will again come to Prague to present another up-to-date legal topic.

If you are doing business in the Netherlands, you have to be aware of the attachment of assets. Foreign businessmen and lawyers are surprised by how easily the attachment of assets (= conservatoir beslag) is granted in the Netherlands. Anyone who submits a claim with the court, can simply receive a pre-judgment (the same day) to seize assets of the other party. The other party does not have to be informed prior to this legal action. Suddenly the other party is confronted with disruption of the running of its business or personal life. Different types of pre-judgment attachments exist and every type of attachment needs to meet the requirements.

Brigitte is dealing with these issues in her practice and she assists Dutch as well as Czech companies on regular basis. Apart from useful recommendations that you will get, Brigitte will also explain:

  • How does the attachment of assets work in the Netherlands?
  • What are the requirements?
  • How can you end the attachment of assets?
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