Different City Experience

The largest community festival in the Czech Republic


Streets in 61 Prague locations and additional 10 Czech towns will become alive thanks to Different City Experience neighbour festivities. During this largest community festival in the Czech Republic, initiated by Prague organization Auto*Mat, almost 100 places, which are usually overcrowded with cars, will be transformed into zones full of live music, dance, activities for children, street theaters, stalls with homemade goodies and, above all, pleasant neighbour atmosphere.

In Prague, one can choose from an almost endless list of activities held both in small, quiet, sparsely populated areas, as well as typical festival zones with rich cultural program, such as Krymská street or the area in front of BIO OKO.

Visit http://zazitmestojinak.cz/ to see the programme of the neigbour festivities.

19. - 20. 9. Praha
19. 9. Ústí nad Labem
19. 9. Ostrava
19. 9. Roudnice nad Labem
19. 9. Český Krumlov
19. 9. Mnichovo Hradiště
19. 9. Frýdek-Místek
19. 9. Havířov
19. 9. Olomouc
20. 9. Hradec Králové
26. 9. Krnov 
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Different City Experience_2
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