Business Breakfast: Energy savings of buildings and production equipment

9.00 - 11.00



08.45 – 09.00  Registration
09.00 – 10.45  Boris Zupančič, Marketing Manager CZ, HU, SK, PHILIPS Lighting
                        Ing. Dušan Štětina, Ph.D., Project Manager, Tebodin Czech Republic
10.45 – 11.00  Discussion
11.00  Closing

Tebodin|BiLFINGER and Philips, NCCC Members with strong knowledge about „Energy Savings of Buildings and Production Equipment“ shared their experience with us on 18th September at Hotel Alwyn. This time we enjoyed a Business Breakfast instead of Afternoon Tea and thanks to Tebodin who hosted the event, it was a great morning commented by Tomáš Adler.

There were 4 technological expert speakers from Tebodin|BiLFINGER led by Ing. Dušan Štětina, Ph.D., Project Manager. Tebodin has a long history, it was founded in 1945 in Hague, the Netherlands. 50 offices are active in 24 countries and today it is part of the company BiLFINGER. In the Czech Republic with offices in Prague, Pardubice and Ostrava, it is a leader in providing comprehensive project and consultancy services for preparation and implementation of industrial buildings and technological units. Successful projects need to be as independent as possible, have evidence that all documents are in line with Czech law, save costs and be environment friendly – this all leads to the important part of business – a satisfied client. The experts provide services in different markets, e.g. Industrial, Chemicals, Property and of course Energy and Environment. They monitor all legislative news and updates, e.g. in energy audit, certificate of building energy performance, energy report, boiler efficiency, air-conditioning system etc. The whole Energy Savings program consist of 5 levels: Analysis, Concept, Documentation, Tender process, Construction. Level of analysis are pointed in field of: 1. Building´s savings: insulation, shading, layout modifications, passive systems. 2. Electro savings: exchange of lighting, instrumentation and control, optimization of distribution, active systems. 3. Mechanical savings: heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water preparing, distribution optimising, active systems. 4. Technology savings: operation optimising, utilization of waste media (water, steam, heat…). The other levels continue according of the optional solution for a client. The biggest projects Tebodin is proud of are 30 schools and 5 hospitals.

Jiří Tourek, General Manager Lighting CZ, introduced us to Philips lighting division, n. 01 worldwide in the lighting technology market, 35% of all Philips business. Boris Župančič, Marketing Manager CZ, HU and SK had an interactive presentation focused not only on psychological, biological and physiological effects of light, sun included, but also for Light/ing and Energy Efficiency. We all still need and use more and more light, popular digital-light so we all need to think about energy-efficient light and costs. In the automotive industry, light means safety. In food shops, light means tasty (you will not buy e.g. green cheese, on the other hand if the vegetable should be green, it depends how green it is) and this all influences reducing food waste. In hospital, light means an important part of successful operation and for hospitality, it means comfortWhen there is good, effective light, you have good mood - and not only because your sales increase about 20% but because you feel safe and healthy. Philips lighting focuses on key trends in Retail food (food safety), increased interest in human centric lighting, Energy savings, provide successful Green/Sustainable Buildings etc. The aim is to take away the complexity and deliver high-quality, high-impact lighting. It’s not just about the lights themselves, Philips Lighting offer a complete consultancy service.

                                                                                                                                                        Veronika Karásková

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