Creative Heroes Award

Proud organizers of prestigious international award in the Czech Republic

We look to elavate creative minds

It is not always easy to carry through an innovative idea. We are here to support such Creative Heroes whose ideas, works or projects have a positive impact on others and deserve recognition.
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Become a partner to support creativity

Become a Platinum, Gold or Silver Partner of the Creative Heroes Award. You will gain recognition as a Creativity supporter and much more to it.
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Origin of the Creative Heroes Award

The Creative Heroes Award was first awarded in the Netherlands in 2017. 
The Czech republic is one of the first countries to organize Cena kreativních hrdinů and to start growing internationally.
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Nominate yourselves or someone who you think is a Creative Hero!

In five respective categories according to the scope of Hero's impact, nominate yourself or someone you think deserves such a recognition.
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Creative Heroes Award

Join our efforts to find, award and support Creative Heroes of the Czech Republic. Nominate yourself or others!
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