NCCC Internship Program

The NCCC is aiming to support internships of Dutch students at NCCC member organizations. We do this, because we believe that international internships will equally benefit students and members.

Benefits for Students

Theory into practice

An international internship allows a student to put theory into practice, learn from professionals and at the same time immerse in a completely new environment and culture.

International experience

For students that seek an international experience, the Czech Republic is quite ideal: travelling between The Netherlands and Czech Republic does not take long, yet a student will be able to experience a different cultural environment, both socially and professionally.

Benefits for Members

General help

Students can help organizations find solutions to diverse and complex issues.


After finishing their internship, students will be your ambassador.

Youthful approach

They offer a fresh approach to existing problems can liven up your workplace and bring new energy.

New job power

After finishing their studies, students will often start to work for one of their internship organization.

Role of the NCCC

Bringing together

The NCCC will not be an “internship provider”. We will only bring together supply and demand, and do not intend to make a profit on this activity.

Support to students

We plan to support students and members by offering advice on accommodation, remuneration and professional support.

Help with finding

We have several contacts at Universities and Universities of applied science (Hogescholen), who will help us find interested students.
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