30 years of 
European solidarity

The NCCC Traders by Nature connect people to make beautiful things happen. When people connect, the positive will win from the negative without a doubt. Creating positive sustainable impact is powered by people that work together and share ideas, knowledge, experiences and best practices. The more we connect and share, the less likely conflict will occur.

Connecting for a cause

in May 2022, the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce existed 30 years

In May 2022, the NCCC Traders by Nature celebrated 30 years. The best way to celebrate we found in organising a benefit evening for our fellow Europeans, the Ukrainians, and promote mutual Ukrainian-Czech and European-wide business interests at the same time. At the  event the Ukrainian-Czech Chamber of Commerce was established, endorsed by the Ukrainian Embassy in the Czech Republic.


"The establishment of the Ukrainian-Czech Chamber of Commerce is a step into the future of Ukrainian-Czech relations. Ukraine, which is heroically facing Russian aggression, is now going through difficult times. Victory cannot be done without the extensive support of her friends, so that she can renew and build her infrastructure. We expect the active participation of Czech business in this process and the Chamber, in my opinion, plays a key role here ", said the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Czech Republic Yevhen Perebyjnis.

"Apart from the business dimension, it is a matter of fighting for our freedom in Ukraine, and that is why we must work together. Ukraine belongs to both the EU and NATO, because we will be stronger with it. I believe that the chamber will contribute to this, "said the newly elected president of UKRCHAM, Petr Krogman, who is the owner of the Czech-Ukrainian agricultural company Agromino.

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CHARITY Auction for People in Need SOS Ukraine Fund

As part of our celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the NCCC Traders by Nature, we organized a charity auctions of various compelling and/or rare items in support of the People in Need campaign ”SOS Ukraine”.
All the auctioned resourses were transfered to the People in Need.

Thank you all the donors, auctioneers, participants and all who supported us all these thirty years. It was wonderful journey. Let's together make an impact for the next 30 years to come!

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