Expired on: Nov 8, 2023

Evening and weekend jobs for the whole year - Impact Hub

Type of employment: Part-time

Address Cyrilská 7, 602 00 Brno-střed-Trnitá

In addition to building an inspiring community and supporting interesting ideas and projects, we organize hundreds of events a year in our premises. We are therefore looking for enthusiastic students who can help us organize the best events for our clients in the evenings, nights and weekends.

How do we picture you?

  • You're primarily a night owl with the biorhythm of an owl, who doesn't mind coming to work at 6pm and leaving at 2am, and who likes to work mostly on weekends
  • But if you are also interested in daytime work, you can combine evening shifts with classic day shifts, it's just a matter of agreement.
  • A strong person, who is not afraid of manual work (to bring 100 chairs into the space, to transport the rolling tables to another room, etc.)
  • A host who isn't afraid of manning the bar, interacting with members and creating a memorable experience for our clients
  • A superman who likes a bit of adrenaline and can handle the operation and service of the bar himself for smaller events (preparing and cleaning the space, setting up equipment, catering)
  • Usually a university student (shifts are planned a month in advance, can be scheduled according to school schedule).

Who are we looking for?:)

  • Partners who share our values and ideas about the world.
  • Workers who will enjoy our operation and who understand the importance of details in contact with clients - a tidy bar, a working projector and good coffee also make an impression. You can handle multitasking with your left back.
  • Proactive enthusiasts who don't need external motivation and hand-holding can find opportunities to develop and learn on their own.
  • Tweakers with a sense of order who can be relied upon
  • Enthusiasts who are looking for an interesting experience and can work a minimum of 40hrs per month for at least six months.

What do we offer in return?

  • A varied part-time job with an hourly rate of 110,-/hr(DPP).
  • A warm welcome and support from a team of enthusiasts who know why and what they do
  • Experience from the world of startups and the world of socially responsible business
  • Freedom for personal development and autonomy in decision making in exchange for responsibility
  • Free use of the Impact Hub workspace to work on your own projects not only in Brno, but also in Prague and Ostrava
  • The opportunity to get inspired at interesting events in our premises (most of our events are open to team members).
  • The opportunity to grow within the Impact Hub. If everything goes well, we can also arrange to work together on daily operations and take over other responsibilities.
Job Category: administration
Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: Brno
Sorry! This job has expired.
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