Expired on: Nov 8, 2023

Evening and weekend jobs for the whole year - Impact Hub

Type of employment: Part-time

The space at Impact Hub is not just about coworking and shared workspaces. A large part of the inspiration we bring to our community comes from the organization of events, which is handled by our event team. We're now looking to expand its ranks with an army of skilled temps who will help us make every event an experience for our clients.

Who are we looking for...

  • People who like to be on the move and are not afraid of manual work. It doesn't seem like it, but part-time work for us is largely physical labor. Cleaning several meeting rooms at once, setting up 100 chairs in the open space, sipping coffee breaks and making 10 French presses - it takes a lot of fitness.
  • Workers who will enjoy our operation and who understand the importance of detail in client contact.  A tidy bar, smudge-free tables, a working projector, good coffee - that's all that matters. We only get one chance to make a first impression.
  • Tastemakers with a sense of order that you can rely on. Someone who can handle the pressure of the unexpected (yes, according to Murphy's Law, everything goes wrong just when you least expect it), but can also handle monotonous work (many of the activities become routine after a while).
  • Students and non-students with the possibility of flexible work - someone who is looking for extra income and who will not mind that our season is variable and sometimes we have more events, sometimes less.
  • People with the biorhythm of an owl, who don't mind coming to work at 6pm and leaving at 2 or 3am, and who like to work mostly on weekends.
  • People who like people. That is, someone who has a natural flair for dealing with a diverse clientele (ideally with some customer service experience), can be assertive as needed, and is a great host.

What's it like here?

  • We have several meeting rooms in two spaces (in SmĂ­chov and Vinohrady) that we rent out to external clients, and we also organize hundreds of events every year in an open space that is used as an open space for community members during the day. In addition, we have a beautiful garden in our Vinohrady villa, perfect for large celebrations and weddings - it really comes alive from April to October. Often events take place in multiple spaces at the same time and we don't stop.
  • Some of the events take place during the day, some in the evening (Monday to Friday) and often at the weekend.
  • The events that take place at our place can be for example: corporate trainings, closed meetings, interest workshops, meditation courses, conferences, weddings or even some of our events - community meetups or mushroom birthday celebrations.
  • Arranging events is handled by our event managers, who have an extended hand directly at the events. Evening staff set up the space, are on hand when needed during the event, and clean up the space again after the event or prepare it for the next event or day. Great service with us is truly teamwork.

What do we offer in return?

  • immediate start - during the summer and from September
  • long term cooperation on DPP with an hourly rate of 120-160 CZK/hour, the number of hours worked per month may vary depending on the season, but we estimate it to be about 30-40 hours, it all depends on your flexibility)
  • the opportunity to gain good experience in organizing events and communicating with clients
  • an interesting flexible part-time job in an inspiring environment (the world of startups and socially responsible business)
  • a warm welcome and support from a team that knows why and what it does.
  • free use of working space in Impact Hub to work on your own projects not only in Prague, but also in Brno and Ostrava
  • the opportunity to grow within the Impact Hub. If everything goes well, we can also arrange to work together on daily operations and take over other responsibilities.
Job Category: administration
Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: Prague
Sorry! This job has expired.
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