The Future of Us —
NCCC Young Professionals

Wednesday 10 November 2021, at 17:00
Premiere on YouTube.
The aim of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Charter is to connect generations: the current generation in power has to reposition the beacons; the upcoming generations have to lead the way into our sustainable future. Together we create sustainable positive impact on well-being and prosperity.

Join the NCCC Yng Pros

What you need is

A wish to contribute to sustainable positive impact on people, society and the environment.

The Yng Pros Charter offers

Active matchmaking, networking support and a career carousel in support of your efforts to become a future leader.

Experience the Future with us

Boost your networking skills, enrich your experience and meet the right people, with the help of our unique buddy system.


17:00-17:30: Part 1 – PAST.

Study the past if you would define the future – Confucius

With Jan Henneman & Pieter Goedhart we will explore the historical ties between the Czech Republic and The Netherlands.
Jan Henneman, former Ambassador of The Netherlands in the Czech Republic, together with Pieter Goedhart co-authored the book Spolu 'alejí Evropy'. With a series of images, they will provide a bird's eye overview of the rich historical ties between the Czech Republic and The Netherlands.

17:30-17:55: Part 2 – present.

interview With Peter Olah about impact of creative thinking

Car designers have to be able to look at least 10 years ahead. How do they do this and what is the impact of design and creative thinking on our future?
Interview with Peter Olah, Head of Interior Design at ŠKODA AUTO.

17:55-18:10: Part 3 – Future.

Introduction of the Young Professional Ambassadors

How do we create sustainable positive impact on people, society and the environment? 
The answer is by connecting people, and especially young people, the leaders of tomorrow. We will launch the NCCC Young Professionals Charter by interviewing a selection of our Young Professional Ambassadors.

18:10-now: Part 4 – Use your opportunity.

Questions? Great, Get them answered by our ambassadors & buddies

How can I join? Will somebody have the time to answer all of my questions?
We invite everybody to join our YngPros programme.  
With the help of our YngPros Ambassadors and also with the help of our buddies you'll never walk alone again.

Join the celebration of our latest programme,
the NCCC Yng Pros Charter

Programme celebration on 
Wednesday 10 November, 17:00
YouTube Premiere
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